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12th March 2013




Cycling in London is dangerous, and we want to make it safer.

The first phase of this project involves gauging the interest of the cycling community. If you, as a cyclist, have ever been involved in an accident on the road, even if you weren't technically injured, we would urge you to submit the incident to this platform. In doing so, you will help us gain insight into the most dangerous areas of London, and if enough incidents are submitted, we will move onto phase two.

Phase two involves the development of a safety-based routing system, which would allow cyclists to fine-tune their commute to work based on the time taken AND the risk involved. We hope to include factors such as overlap with bus routes and dangerous times of day, and helping cyclists travel as safely as possible is something we care deeply about.

We would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at

James & Ivars